• 2017-2018 Executive Board Election Bios

  • Elections held May 30th at the Clubhouse

    Nominees for Parliamentarian:
    Maureen Moore (incumbent)
    Lisa Doyle

    Ran unopposed:
    Mike McCabe, President
    Tim McNamara, Vice President
    Jane McSally, Treasurer
    Secretary, Angela McGuirk
    Sheila Danehy, Membership Chairperson
    Amanda Potkay, First Year Trustee
    Mike Flyte, Sergeant-at-Arms

  • · Bios ·

  • President-Elect, Mike McCabe

    Treasurer of IHS since its inception. Oversees all financial aspects of the club. Head of Finance for the Irish Festival since its inception. Founder of the IHS Sláinte Scholarship Golf Tournament. Founder and President of Sláinte Milford, Inc. Responsible for grants totaling $38,000 from the Irish government. Only member to continuously serve on the Executive Board since the founding of the club. Irish Man of the Year 2016. Attorney for 36 years with a law practice in Milford, McCabe, Wikstrom & Barney, LLC. Married to Tracy Craig McCabe. Four children, Eileen, Jennifer, Katie and Owen. Five grandchildren, Amie, Emma, Scarlet, Declan and Quinn (and one on the way!) I would like to continue serving the club in a new role as President, as we enter the next phase of our existence. I have 11 years’ experience in dealing with the club’s finances. I have the time, energy and dedication to serve the club as President.

  • Vice President-Elect, Tim McNamara

    My name is Tim McNamara. I am running for the position of Vice President. I have been an IHSM member for three years. During this time, I have been involved in many volunteer roles including, these committees: Bar Management Committee, Audit Committee, Irish Festival – 3 years, St. Patrick’s Day Parade – 3 years.
    In addition, I have volunteered for St Patrick’s Day Clubhouse Festivities setup and break down, basement cleanup, Super Bowl Party 2017 and as a fill in host for Thursday Night Trivia.
    I am the father of three children. I graduated from Sacred Heart University and am employed by the Bridgeport Public Schools system.
    Being a member of the IHSM has allowed me to better connect with my Irish heritage. It would be an honor to serve on the Executive Board and continue the great work that so many others have done throughout the history of this club.

  • Treasurer-Elect, Jane McSally
  • Secretary-Elect, Angela McGuirk


  • Membership Chairperson-Elect, Sheila Danehy

    Hello Fellow IHSM Members,
    My name is Sheila Danehy and I am running for the position of Membership Chair in the upcoming elections.
    I am the 7th of ten children and my large, Irish Catholic family background has somewhat defined me for most of my life. My husband, two children and I joined the IHSM in early 2016 and we have been actively involved with the Club since. I am a member of the Milford Irish History Project Committee; my husband and I are members of the cast of Tara Theatre’s upcoming play; I am a regular at Trivia Night; and I have been a volunteer at the Oyster and Irish Festivals as well as at many of the ongoing social activities held here at the Club. My husband and I have had some wonderful times and have made many friends since we joined the IHSM. We fully plan to be lifetime members and contributors to the Club’s success. My hope is that by becoming the Membership Chair, I can further help in achieving the Club’s ultimate goal of membership and, possibly, clubhouse expansion (to a point where it still feels like home to the current and, especially, longtime members). TOGETHER, with a combination of hard work, dedication and a commitment to our future, we can make the IHSM the very best that it can be.

  • Nominee for Parliamentarian, Maureen Moore
  • As a charter member I have been active in IHSM since the beginning, was Activities Committee Chair for several years, and served a 3-year term as Trustee on the Board of Directors. In the past I served as Sunshine Committee Chair, as a member of the Membership and By-Laws Committees, co-chaired the Vendor Committee (Marketplace) for IHSM festivals, and organized the Tea Cup Raffles.

    My experience this past year as Parliamentarian was a positive one. Members were forthcoming with suggested revisions to the IHSM By-Laws, and the committee members were thoughtful and conscientious in their review of those suggestions. As a result, a number of them were adopted. I am interested in continuing to serve as Chair of the By-Laws Committee to further encourage member participation in the revising, as necessary, the rules that govern our organization. I would like to have your vote of confidence this year, to re-elect me as your Parliamentarian.

  • Nominee for Parliamentarian, Lisa Doyle
  • Thank you for the opportunity to run for the position of Parliamentarian for the 2017-2018 Board of Directors. I have served as Vice President for the last year and as Secretary for the two years prior. I have also participated in a number of Committees over the last several years, including Activities and the Irish Man/Woman of the Year Dinner. I have been a member of the Festival Committee and have chaired Food and Merchandise and am co-chairing Volunteers this year. I was a member of the Slainte Board and volunteered with the golf tournament. I hope my fellow members have found me to be fair, forward-thinking, approachable and non-judgmental and I would appreciate the opportunity to continue to serve the IHSM in this new role as Parliamentarian as we continue to flourish as an organization.

  • First Year Trustee-Elect, Amanda Potkay

    Thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Amanda Potkay. I have been a Member in Good Standing of IHSM since 2014. My proud Irish heritage comes from both my mother and my father. My mother is also an active Member of the IHSM and dedicates much of her time to volunteering. I am the owner and operator of a small Medical compression garment company; I started this business about two years ago. Along with operating my business, I have continually been an active Member. Since the opening of the Clubhouse, I have served as a volunteer bartender on a weekly basis. In addition to bartending, I have organized several craft-making events at the Clubhouse as a fun way to bring Members together. I am on the Social Activities Committee and have assisted in many events, from the Children’s Halloween Party to the Drumming Circle. I am also responsible for planning the Members’ Monthly Happy Hour which is open to the entire Membership.
    As a Member, a volunteer, and a bartender at IHSM, I have made strong friendships, connected with my heritage and established myself as a competent and reliable part of this organization. I believe the strength of our Club is our commitment to heritage and our spirit of fellowship. I would consider it an honor to serve the Membership as Trustee for the next three years.

  • Sergeant-at-Arms-Elect, Mike Flyte